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The NFL: What Action?

It’s a strange use of terminology when the Americans refer to their national sport as Football. I mean, the ball is hardly ever kicked. But the National Football League (NFL) is the name given to its national heritage.

The NFL has become one of the most popular sports in sporting circles. But sometimes you have to ask yourself: why? In 2010, The Wall Street Journal carried out a study of four broadcasts and revealed that the amount of time the ball is in play, on the field, during an NFL game is about 11-minutes. Just time enough to cook a hard-boiled egg.

Here are some amazing facts surrounding a game that is watched my millions. There are 174-minutes in a standard broadcast. TV commercials buy about 60-minutes of that. 75-minutes is spent filming the players just hanging around. This can be standing at the scrimmage line, walking, talking or more recently Tom Brady eating his Thanksgiving turkey. Camera shots of the injured players, the sassiness of the cheerleaders, network announcers and head coaches and referees take up the rest of the time. But 11-minutes of pure scintillating plays? How lucky we are.

So if there is so little actual play, what is all of the fuss about? One of the reasons it is so popular is faust novoline. There are vast sums of money shifting through the NFL markets, both online with the likes of and in the brick and mortar establishments. But bizarrely, the land that promises so much freedom of this, and that, will not allow the average American to participate. It truly is a strange ruling when you consider that people must have wagers amongst themselves all of the time.

Let’s hope that the supposed leading nation in the world allows sports betting in every state, and soon. We need it. We only have 11-minutes of action to watch.

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