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Super Bowl 2013: Prop Bets
Unibet blackjack review: The ticker tape is gone and the fireworks doused. The Super Bowl XLVII has finished with the Baltimore Ravens defeating the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in a thrilling encounter. The Super Bowl attracts gamblers to sports books like bees to flowers, and this year was no exception. Over $90 million was wagered in 2012 when the Giants beat the Patriots, and it is envisaged that this year will see even greater numbers – and not all them will be so serious. Here are some of the funniest Super Bowl prop bets.
The Coin Toss
One for the degenerates. The simple flip of the coin. Will it be heads, or will it be tails? This single flip is worth a pretty penny to the sports books.
The Cross Sports Prop Bet
Here is an interesting bet that showed prominence in a few sports books. Will LeBron James have more combined slots and assists, or will Ray Lewis have more combined tackles or assists? The Super Bowl versus the Heat and the Raptors showdown.
The Obama Choice
Yes, some sports books were taking bets on the team that President Barack Obama would pick as his choice for winner.
The Gatorade Dousing
The celebratory Gatorade bath has become something of a national treasure. But what colour will it be? Yes, you’ve guessed it; some sports books were taking bets on the colour of Gatorade that will engulf the winning
There are just four of the more interesting prop bets leading up to the most exciting sports event of the year. Whatever next!

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